Equipment Available


Age : 2007

Sheet Size : 28" x 40"

Impression Count : ca 23 mio (original impressions)

Six-color with 2/4 perfecting
DU Drying Unit after Unit #2, with one UV lamp
UVED Extension Delivery with three UV lamps
FAPC Fully Automatic Plate Changers)
PQC-S with PDC-S II (new 2017)
AMR Automatic Make Ready
ABW Automatic Blanket Washers
AICC Automatic Impression Washers
Non-stop feeder and delivery
Paper tabbing device (in delivery)
Vacuum feed board with pneumatic sideguides
Cosmotech Powder Spray
Komori EYE UV Drying System
Komori KPS Plate Punch and Bender (pneumatic)
Polaris Ink Temperature Control with external condenser
Top-One ECO 502 Refrigeration (dampening)
Böttcher spare rollers with roller carts

Available immediately - subject to remaining unsold


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