Incorporated in 1967, HGE has built a solid reputation in the sale and servicing of used printing, packaging and bindery equipment. HGE's inventory offers a wide range of makes and configurations to choose from.

Whether a piece of equipment is purchased "as is" or reconditioned, HGE is equally committed to ensure that each and every purchase is handled with the highest degree of professionalism, from the inquiry stage all the way through the conclusion of the sale.

With 50 years of continuous service, HGE is proud to be one of the longest operating companies in the secondhand printing equipment supply sector in the world. HGE continues to strive to meet and exceed customers’ expectations and confidently looks to the future.

		Cornering The Market

Ira Washington Rubel was a born salesman; he could spot a winner with just a glance. Having passed the bar in Chicago, Rubel ran his own print shop in Nutley, NJ. The business was booming, and Rubel ran several Direct Rotary Litho presses, which used zinc litho plates directly transferred to paper. Rubel also owned a small paper mill producing cheap sulfate paper used to gang-run bank deposit slips on large sheets, thereby destroying the competition. One day a sheet was miss-fed, and to everyone’s surprise, the wrong-reading image had transferred to the cylinder tympan with more superb quality than printing directly to paper.
Cornering The Market - Offset's early attempts at mercantilism

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